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About Lake Serenity Ratnapura

In the area of Rathnapura you may come across many gems hidden beneath the soil. Lake Serenity is such a gem which is hidden inside the serene nature. This hotel can be introduced as one of the felicities by R T S Holdings. Not to mention this hotel the 2nd successive eco-friendly boutique hotel in the whole country. The pure natural feeling which you'll be getting when you step inside the hotel is what gets inspired by most of the guests who visit us. Though you may find hardships finding the place, it'll worth it as soon as you get there and take the first glance. Birds' serenity lake makes the heart for the hotel while paddy cultivations, tea plantations, rubber estates as well as the mountain range create the perfect out setting.

Speaking of your special features outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, pool bar, nature walks, bird watching, pedal boats, rowing pontoon and a dinner on our floating boat get listed first. And yes, those will be smart enough to drag your stress out of you and give you a moment to smile with a stress free head.